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We facilitate alignment on objectives, priorities, and ways of working. Virtually and on site.


The Leadership Challenge

As a leader today, you not only have to have domain expertise, you also need to deal with constantly evolving, new forms of collaboration, and at the same time continue to produce results quickly.

Challenges for leaders

Little to no team and stakeholder alignment or buy-in.

Endless meetings and reporting driven by desire for transparency.

Necessary information, data and learnings are not available.

Challenges for leaders

Evolving structures, responsibilities and working methods that are not aligned with each other.

Existing methods, meetings and data do not provide the necessary transparency for decision-making.

Stakeholders and leaders are not aligned around clear, realistic objectives and goal-oriented collaboration.

We can make your life easier. And your team more productive.

Our Solution

Get help from one of our facilitators.

We help leaders, stakeholders and teams to clarify outcomes and needs. And establish collaboration that leads to results and learnings. Regardless of existing methods or ways of working. Virtually and on site.

Benefits for leaders

Focus on your business challenge, not the process or method.

Work with a neutral authority to create alignment and shared understanding.

Establish agile governance based on transparency and evidence.

Benefits for teams

Clarity for responsibilities, priorities and ways of working.

A safe space where opinions are heard and knowledge is shared.

New energy and motivation through conflict resolution and tangible progress.

Through NEON in the project as a "neutral authority" with a lot of experience, it is possible to align the team as a whole to our (frequently changing) product goal. And to establish result-oriented working methods. We make much faster progress with better work results without losing individuals in the team. Without NEON we would not achieve our product goals in this way.
Christoph VogelsProgram Lead
You can fully focus on the content and let yourself and the team be guided through the process. This is also super efficient. In addition, the sparring alongside the sessions helps me to organize my own thoughts and to derive next steps.
Andreas Spiegler Product Owner
Structured, solution-oriented approach that brings together team members with different backgrounds, aligns on the basis of facts and knowledge and quickly achieves results with the help of structured methods and "high energy".
Nico WohlgemuthManaging Director at DAYONE

We are usually booked for these cases

If your product or cross functional team is stuck, struggling to make progress or reach goals.

If you want to work with a neutral authority to create alignment and shared understanding.

If you need to establish agile governance based on transparency and evidence.

Want to find out where your team is stuck?

We build on the work you’ve already done instead of throwing it away. Plus, we focus on your product, service and business, not the method: We’re tool agnostic and prescribe only the methods that apply to your unique business challenges.

And the best part? It works on site and remotely.

Why hire external facilitation?


Professional facilitators focus the team on an aligned and clear goal, keep conversation productive and directional, and keep the team from becoming misaligned as they pursue the project.


A skilled facilitator can navigate internal politics, manage meeting dynamics with reduced tension, dive deep into the real issues and lead a team to success.


Outside facilitators bring an independent, neutral perspective and have greater authority during the collaboration, allowing them to resolve conflicts and work with alternative viewpoints without creating imbalances.

Risk Reduction

Our facilitators have extensive background in launching successful products and bring knowledge and experience to reduce innovation risk through effective agendas, concept validation and strategic decision-making.

Product teams who trust us


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