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Our Story

Our founders Tomasz and Thorsten Borek come from very different worlds.



Tomasz has spent over 15 years helping traditional companies implement evidence-based process optimization methods.



Thorsten has helped companies find the business-customer sweet spot and led innovation, product-discovery and development projects for over 15 years.

Both knew that these worlds must move closer together to solve today's business challenges.

Together they searched for a solution that would not require the introduction of completely new methods each time, but rather build on functioning elements in the organization.

In doing so, they came across these connecting elements:

Discovering the challenge​ NEON
Framing chaos NEON

Framing chaos

We visualise and structure our initial learnings and work with you to introduce first frameworks that harness chaos before falling perfectly into place.

Aligning teams and individuals

We streamline existing collaborations and governance standards and add missing data to drive alignment and progress. And only add whats needed.

Aligning teams and individuals NEON
Optimally design collaboration

Optimally-designed collaboration

With tangible results visible and proven methodologies in use, we leave you with the tools and tricks to continue delivering the magic you are capable of.

The connecting elements for successful collaboration:



because different expertises and jobs have different needs and cultures that must be identified and addressed in order to be effective.



because you need an overview and processes for orientation, context, connections and control.



i.e. data and proof to validate or falsify assumptions to create shared understanding and buy-in from team and stakeholders. And to make progress, stagnation or regression visible and tangible.



or the intangible element that generates energy, motivation, team spirit and joy. And brings the human into the system. One of the most effective and most often forgotten elements.

Based on their expertise they have developed the NEON collaboration design framework thats allows them to quickly identify potential breaking points in team work and leverage existing team advantages.

Today, the NEON team of method agnostic facilitation experts, supports leaders in corporations as well as small and medium sized businesses to transform their teams for result-oriented collaboration. NEON also trains facilitators to establish facilitation as a firm expertise to increase effectiveness.

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